Diamond Net

Know Itself

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The musician's inspiration for the record was the Hindu cosmological metaphor or "Indra's Net," which uses the imagery of water-droplets on a spider's web as a way of visualizing the interconnectedness of human consciousness, etc.

In this album art, Indra's Net interacts with the external weather of being, etc.

Relative Obscurity


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There is a sort of warped vitality to the record; indications and leads that turn around on you while you listen. Impossible multivalent passageways emerge, threaded with suggestion.

I brought my interpretation of the music to life by rendering febrile platforms that seemed like appropriate perches from which to listen to this very dynamic record.



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This is the document of the emergence of a new identity. A result of frustration, growth under pressure, and excessive intake of art-form. Imitate whirls aggressively, swallowing everything in the process of becoming itself.

The choices made in this art direction are the result of collision-- tectonic digitalizations and considerations.